Business Overview: 
Campus event check-in app on renren.com (China’s Facebook)

Currently bad experience in hosting and marketing of event on campus by online social network in China (like renren.com). Traditional campus event propaganda channel need to be re-shaped by online SNS.

Market Opportunity: 
China’s market. 150 million users on renren.com, 30% of users are college students.  Mean residence time is 1.5 hours a day. 40% of concern topics are about campus events and people. Currently, there is no integrated app on renren.com fully exploring the demanding for either public event or private event.

Product Solution: 
Building a campus event check-in app on renren.com, and giving college students a fully experience in event hosting, marketing, RSVP, participation, and sharing photos and comments after the event. Connect like-minded people by interest events or gathering nearby.

Platform Chosen: 
renren.com is the largest SNS in China and perfectly targets our target users (college students). Using renren.com as our product platform will save effort for marketing and comminute development and devote our mind into product design and user experience.

Competitive advantages: 
To be the first mover on renren.com; Like-minded teammates; Good execution; Solid technical background.

Similar website:

Marketing Strategy: 
Focus on several TOP universities first, and then expand to nationwide. Product launch ASAP, upgrade it by feedback from market.

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