Pivot Idea 2

A new idea that specifically solves all problems in the life of a student on campus.

A Yelp For Student Life

Our idea in a nutshell: A ranking and review website on all aspects of student life on campus.

We will provide a platform to rank and review:
1. Clubs and societies
2. Courses
3. Restaurants
4. Retail shops like hairdressers, KTV lounges etc.
5. Job offers
6. Graduate schools

We hypothesize that a typical chinese college student goes through the following cycles in his life in college:
Year 1: New to environment, need a handy guide to life in and around campus
Year 2: Figuring out his life and want a grasp on life, setting his education right, choosing the right courses that will bring him the job after college.
Year 3: Figuring out what is the best job, doing internships.
Year 4: Preparing for examinations. And after examinations, time to enjoy what’s left of life in college around campus.

Our site will provide relevant information to all college students regardless of the phase that they are in, and act as a destination site that allows college student to benefit from the wisdom of the crowd, their peers, in making decisions that will impact not just their social life, but their lives in the future.

We are really excited about this! Customer interviews will begin immediately and we will proceed with the pivot.


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