Interview results on our pivot

Once again, we are trying to pivot away from targeting both event hosts and event users, to purely improve the experience of hosting events for both public and private events. This makes everyone one an event host and we will be able to provide more targeted value propositions to relief the pains of organizing an event. Specifically, we would be a doodle with special features that appeal to the chinese population.

Main summary of results: (16 interviews)

1. Students – Express resonance with the pain point of scheduling of events and finding a common time to organize the event. There also exist students who express the fact that phone calling seems to be more sincere then doing online scheduling. Most important insight that we obtain from this is that it appears that there exists a plethora of methods for current students to organize events whether private and public, and it seems like using web to organize event ranks really low amongst all these methods. In fact some people express that provision of another method to organize events might complicate things more than simplify things.

2. Working adults – No such pain point. Most prefer to work with phone calls to organize any sort of events as that comes across as more sincere.

What we learnt:

1. Providing a web application that helps people to organize events, no matter how helpful in terms of efficiency, does not specifically target any pain point of event organization. Because not everyone wishes for efficiency, they wish for sincerity.

2. Events ultimately reside in a small portion of a person’s life in university. Its not big enough a value proposition for these students!!

Now what?

1. Find the biggest value proposition!!!


Some of our interview transcripts:
Ruoxing Liu, 26 years old, working

Not very often, probably once a month, size of event range from 2 people to 10 people, not interested in using our platform since it’s better and more efficient to call. Not interested in Doodle like feature either, since it feels like distant to use web rather than call, also felt that it would be troublesome if some people in the party use it while others don’t. Not interested in posting public event on Sina Weibo, since most users follows hundreds of people and the news can be easily buried in the newsfeed. Show interest in the recommendation.

Xiaoxu Zhang, 23 years old, just started working

Often, organizing activities for collegues, 20-30. If our platform provides a lot of functions, she would like to use it. Likes the doodle feature and also interested in the recommendation. Seems like pushing to multi-platform is not very vital to her. Suggested some feature which allows people to split and pay the money for the party.

Shanshan Zhang, 23 years old, in school

Often in the past. Likes the doodle feature and also interested in recommendation but not that interested in the multi-platform feature. Suggested the push the map data as well to multi-platform.

Yi Yin, 23 years old, in school

Not often, two-three times per year. She would like to see more social element, like asking friends whether they would like to join a certain event. Suggested us to focus on Chinese students abroad.


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