Initial customer interview results from pivot 2

Really encouraging results from initial interview!! We will work to get more results!!
1. Qu Yi, Graduate, Peking University
Like this idea, but would more like to check the rating and review than to rate himself. He would like to rate if we’re going to provide rewards and he suggested that we can also provide membership for local businesses who’re collaborate with us as a reward, so he can get discounts from that store later on. I think it’s a good idea since it will make the local businesses more willing to work with us since giving out membership is a good way to promote their own business.
2. Jiangdong Li, undergraduate, Wuhan University
Former president of student union in CS department and agreed that nowadays students have very few enthusiasm for campus events. Like this new idea and actually once had a similar idea but ended up with no time realizing it. Would like to check in at a local business and also give a rating. He thought that no need for real reward to motivate people to rate, some virtual means like badges would work.
3. Jinxu Jia, undergraduate, Wuhan University
Doesn’t like our original app and thinks that we should push events to users according to their interest or at least categorize the events. Like this new idea but suggested us to do a more widely survey. About study room ranking, she is more concerned with where there are still available seats than a better environment (understandable in Chinese universities). Also suggested that once someone rates sth or put down a review, push to the news feed. Also showing concern for establishing relationship with local businesses since she thought it’s very rare for them to partnership with a small startup.
4. Zikang Nan, undergraduate, Wuhan University
Agreed that nowadays the enthusiasm of college students for campus events has decreased. Showed some interest in our new idea and would like to use it. If there are a lot of other people rating, he would also like to rate. If we provide reward for rating, he will probably rate regardless of whether there are a lot of people rating or not.
5. Tian Xia, undergraduate, Wuhan University
Doesn’t like our new idea. Thinks that the items we’re ranking are too minor for students life. There are also other platform, like BBS, or Ziqiang in Wuhan University which covers the topic here. (I checked Ziqiang website, they don’t have information organized as we planned to)

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