Poor results from demand creation

Since the past 2 weeks, we have been doing the following to try to generate demand to our site:

1. Scraping events off individual college BBS over to our platform. For the 3 colleges that just started last week, we managed to scrape about 5 events per school to be posted on our site. For the college (Hua Zhong University) that started 3 weeks ago, we managed to scrape almost 20 events to be posted on our site. As of now, we have managed to scrape 30-40 events to be posted on our site.

2. Calling up events hosts who have posted on BBS. We called some of these events hosts and over the phone, taught them step-by-step the method to upload their events onto our site. We managed to do about 7 of these. The defining story was with one events host in WuHan University. Over a lengthy phone call, Li Lu managed to get the event host to upload his poster onto our site. She hung up, and waited eagerly for him to ping her on her QQ to inform her of success. But before she could receive the good news of him having uploaded the event onto our site, she fell asleep as it was already 5 am by then.

The team has put in tremendous effort to get events onto our site, the efforts above has given us about 10 more events hosted by events hosts themselves. This is somewhat disappointing, as we were expecting more events posts after we have filled up our site artificially with real event posters to try to portray the image of a site with high volume.

The team sat down and discussed, and we found that we really needed a quick hook to get event goers to our site. Perhaps our value proposition of our site for these event goers are not strong enough, and we really need to reevaluate our value proposition.


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