One Big Insight

Following the disappoint results from demand creation activities and some insights from our hypothesis testing over last week, we arrive at the following big insight:

Acquiring event goers is a wrong move!!!!! We should focus instead SOLELY on event hosts!!! 


1. Our site will never be a destination site for event goers on the onset. There is just no strong enough a pain point for these event goers to start picking up an app to visit to check for upcoming events. China college students currently have the luxury of too many media channels to be informed of upcoming events to care to use our app.

2. We can however be a destination site for event hosts.If we can hit the correct pain point of these event hosts (such as support for a multi-platform broadcasting and aggregation tool as discussed in the previous post), we will offer a strong enough value to attract these event hosts to our site!

What this means:

We can remove anything that benefits event goers, such as campus event aggregation, and focus solely on significantly improving our solution for event hosts. In fact, we see this manifest itself in many event sites in US, like doodle, evite, cocoDot to name a few. These sites purely focus on solving the problem for event hosts! We could have just hit on the biggest insight in our entire process of customer development. (finally!)


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