A Pivot

With our big insight from the previous post, we will be engaging in a pivot. This pivot is inspired by the fact that we have found event hosts to be the ones constantly complaining of numerous pain points, but event users to be pretty ambivalent about our offering and their only interest is in our user interface experience. We aim to now solve the pain points enumerated by event hosts in our countless of interviews.

The basis of our pivot will be:

1. An offering where our customer will solely be event hosts, and we will not be caring about event goers anymore.

2. An offering where we will significantly improve the experience of hosting events, such as providing scheduling services, tasking responsibilities, multi-platform integration etc.

3. An offering that allows anyone to create an event, not just for public club events, but for the private dinner between friends, the basketball game that will happen on Thursday afternoon, or the hiking trip next week. Everyone is an event host.

We are currently undergoing intense phone callings, and once the above will be verified, we will engage in a quick pivot.


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