Some marketing feedback (2 interviews from Hua Zhong University)

We sought to find out why some events hosts do not want to host on our application. We looked at the BBS (school forums) and looked at some of the events that are already there, and called up two of them to ask them if they will be interested to host the event on our side. The results were negative and we asked them for the reason. The reasons fall into the categories below:

1) Not a lot of users use our app. If they host on our site, they need to use another avenue to get people to know about our site.

2) Not very active on If they host on our site, the reach is very small.

3) The uploading of pictures is prohibitive to user experience.

Our thinking:

We figured that instead of being disheartened, we should take these comments into our stride and figure out our next steps. We now learn that there are college students that do not use renren actively, something which we did not expect previously. However, this should not be surprising as even on Facebook, there are people who are not active there as well.

Then we thought back to the customer discovery lecture that was taught, and recalled the whole idea of earlyvangelists. We then thought back to our initial customer interviews, where we found a sizable proportion of people who needed our app to help them do promotional activities. We suddenly realized that we have just bumped into people who will not form our early adopters! This cheered us up a bit, and we begun to think of ways to find these early adopters/earlyvangelists, who will form our ambassadors for our app.

We thus came up with a solution: Better marketing. Stay tuned for updates!


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