Insights from meeting with advisor

Here are some of the insights we obtained from our meeting with our advisor, Sven from MDV:

Problem with server:  Our new server in Hong Kong suddenly experienced an intermittent connection for a long period last Thursday. This is really unacceptable, considering that the usual server downtime rate is probably less than 1%!

Suggestion 1:Sven suggested that we switched to a premium server in Hong Kong or China to ensure that we do not face this problem again.

Suggestion 2: Embed server monitoring services, eg AlertBot, Uptime Inspector. These services allow us to find out about when our server goes down before our users do and allow us to intercept before any damage is done.

Other comments:

1. We need to get real events hosted on our site immediately. This is to facilitate our understanding of our users and quickly analyze if our system provides the real solution to our users.

2. Our question to local businesses and retailers should have had a filter, to only ask the businesses and retailers who have sponsored college events before. This would have given us higher quality information on the reasons why these businesses want to sponsor college events.

Some targets for next week:

1. Get 20 real events hosted on our site by next week. It would also be better to get 20 real events from one school, so we can get better data, then 5 events per school.

Getting down to work!



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