Update on server relocation

The story of our server relocation is as follows:

Initially, we were unfortunate enough to pick a vendor that had very poor customer support, and we ran into a lot of troubles in the relocation. The call center was unresponsive to our phone calls and the relocation was unsuccessful. Due to pressing time concerns, we immediately bought a new server with a vendor in Hong Kong, and worked to get the app up and running again before the weekend was up. We are proud to say that our app is back and running again as of last night.

The following is a quick analysis of our users hit rate starting from our first day of  launch through our server relocation period. We are now waiting with anticipation to see the hit rate rise after our server problem is fixed!

We have also gotten initial user testing with our app after the server relocation. Generally, users find that the app now loads faster, mainly because of slower server lag time between Hong Kong and China, as opposed to US and China as before. We are currently in the process of informing renren.com about our server relocation.


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