Tackling the sponsor hypothesis

The team has taken more steps to try to tackle our hypothesis about our sponsors (local businesses around university campuses). Currently, we have contacts to local groupon companies that we can use if our app gathers traction. So until our app gathers traction, we have started to take steps to get to know more about these local businesses.

We have tried dialing directly to these small businesses in China to speak with them, but have been receiving scant success. Common reasons not to speak with us are that “the manager is not in the store” , “i cannot make the decision”. We find that more often than not, their lackluster responses are down to the fact that these businesses are skeptical about the veracity of our claims. This further reinforces the notion about the need for trust in China, that without a tangible product and our physical presence, it is difficult to get anyone to take us seriously.

To get that trust, we have taken a different approach. We have enlisted the help of several close friends back in China, in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, to help us walk the ground physically with a web demo of our app, and get feedback from these local businesses about their willingness to partner us. The following were the leading survey questions that were given to our friends:

1) Are you willing to sponsor some of the bigger events held in colleges in order to improve brand awareness?

2) Do you want meaningful data analysis from events that you sponsored?

3) (To businesses that do not have currently employ any form of web advertisement, i.e. almost all of them) What do you currently know about web advertisement?

4) Are you interested to use the web as a means of promoting your business if someone does it for you for free? If it is not free, how much will you be willing to pay?

5) If our app has more than 60% of the student population registered, would you be interested to promote your business through our app?

We await eagerly for their replies over the next two days or so!!


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