Contacts for Sponsors

Our strategy in obtaining sponsors has been simple: get enough users on our app by perfectly targeting the pain points of China college students, and then leverage on our large student database as a bargaining chip to get sponsors on board.

We have opened up some avenue for ourselves to reach these sponsors when the time is ripe.

1) Innovation Works China
Our advisor, Sven Strohband, has offered to give us contacts to local groupon companies through Innovation Works China. He has told us to focus on developing the app that will solve the pain points of college students, so that we can maximize our appeal to these groupon companies when we get down to talking to them.

Thanks to Artit of ParkPointCapital, we are now in the midst of arranging a meeting with the founder of, Seamon Chan. is a popular start-up in China that helps companies manage web publicity, and we are hoping he could offer us some advice in terms of enterprise sales and or provide us some advice on start-ups in China, especially to do with dealings with local groupon companies.


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