Beta Testing of product & Interactions with

After almost two full weeks of product/customer development work, where the team met for 10-15 hours everyday to work, we finally managed to get the product up and running! We have just entered our first batch of beta testing of our app, with the list of people who have agreed to be our initial test users.

Also, through our relationship building with the app processing manager at, we have been given a rather unique position. He has currently given us total freedom to test our app with our initial 4 schools. Once our app is widely adopted in the beta testing, approval to be launched on the app store to be made available to all other 100 schools in China will be simple.

We are currently in the process of collecting the initial test user feedback, but the main ones that we have been hearing are compatibility issues with the mainstream browsers in China. Even though we have tried hard to ensure that these does not happen, we know that we could not have covered all grounds. We will be working to fix these compatibility issues in our first update of the app.

The following is our updated product development timeline.



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