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We have been pushed to get more contacts from to ensure a safe passage for our app to be approved. This is so that we will not waste time on the app approval process, and/or develop an app that will not be approved by renren in the first place.

We have identified several key people in charge of our app development and reached out to them.

As of yesterday, we’ve gotten the following people as personal contacts and our key takeaways from the chat sessions with them.

1) Product development manager:
A chat session with him revealed that our app for school events aggregation is highly encouraged by

2) App approval manager:
We have finally established a personal contact with the manager directly in charge of the approval of our app. He has promised us a one-day approval process on the day we submit the complete MVP for approval. We have done 2 chat sessions with him and tried to comply with all the requirements that renren imposes on its apps. Will be looking forward to a really smooth approval process upon submission.


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