Insights (Meeting with Sven Strohband)

Insights gathered from meeting with Sven Strohband

1.     User acquisition strategy

a) Use monetary incentive to pull events. Eg offer free drinks to events organized on our site. Three fold benefits:

i.     Event host will be willing to sit down with us and feedback to us his events organizing experience with our app

ii.     Event host will be more willing to help promote our app.

iii.     Viral effect as people discover a quick and easy method to get some sponsorship for drinks.

b) Immediately line up event organizers that will use our application once it is launched. At least 20 events organizers per targeted college for a compelling number.

c) Hire someone at the individual colleges to be in charge of pooling all the events that are being organized on campus to be broadcast on our application.

2.        Monetization strategy

a) Possibly to connect with groupon companies, offer targeted student deals to specific events. Eg. If student organizing a dinner, offer deals from local restaurants at the event organizing page.
b) Pulling out of to create a standalone web service which charges people for hosting events. Rationale: While students not willing to pay, enterprises might be willing to pay for such a service.
c) Focus on getting users so we get bargaining chip to monetize, such as selling data etc.

3.          User Interface:

a) Initial user interface to be nice. Need to be aware that we might not have many events hosted on our website on the onset. Must ensure that our page still looks attractive and not a site where there is only 1-2 events.



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  1. ann

    When interviewing someone, make sure you note who they are and why you’re interviewing them. What also were the key learnings?

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