Interview questions for next week’s deliverable

Interview questions for “early adopter”, a event content provider — campus event host:

First 4 target colleges: TsingHua University (Beijing) — Yinan; Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shanghai) — Junhao; Wuhan University (Wuhan) — Lu; and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan) — Yiye.

  • What kind of features are necessary for event-hosting  renren app?
  • What kind of post-event feedback would event host like to have from their audience?
  •  Is sponsor matching and recommendation a useful and valuable feature for event host? What kind of cooperation do they look for?
  •  What should ZiiLion team do to keep event hosts if there is not a obvious promotion effect at initial launch? (egg and chicken problem)

Format is following:

  1. Name of University
  2. List of interviewed event hosts (student communities’ leaders)
  3. Statistics of replying

Please interview ASAP and have feedback by Jan. 30, Monday.


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