Deliverables for 24th Jan 2012

Update: Business Canvas 2


1. Added a new customer: Sponsors. i) From our interviews, we found that apart from lack of good promotional channels, another major pain points for organizing events would be difficulty in finding a source of finance.
ii) Provides a good revenue stream.

2. Our approach to acquiring sponsors as customers:Partnership with local Groupon-like companies (for group-deals) in individual cities of China as they already have a strong network of retailers that are in need of advertisement. Even more interesting is that these local Groupon-like companies are in need of user-traffic, and most of them have partnered nationwide group-deals aggregators to obtain user-traffic. Major Groupon-like companies include:

3. Our strategy in the partnership: Acquire a strong user-base in our application, such that it would be interesting for local Groupon-like companies in individual cities of China to partner us to obtain user-traffic. We then access their database for retailers interested in sponsoring student events.

4. Improved value proposition: Provision of post event analysis for both host and sponsors using massive data mining techniques.



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